Granduc Mine

Ship in at Granduc Dock

The Mine in Operation - Continued

Photo - Ore Ship would come in once per month


Ocean-going steamers as large as 50,000 tons unload fuel oil or take on copper concentrates at the marine terminal in Stewart.After completing the 30-mile haul to Stewart over the road built by the Granduc company, which also bore the entire cost, the concentrate trucks end their run at a complete marine-terminal, self-supporting with respect to all facilities and built to load out concentrate to ships of 50,000-ton class and to receive heavy fuel oil from tankers of the same size.

The terminal was designed to handle three products.

1. Outbound concentrate: indoor truck receiving, stockpiling by front- end loader, covered storage for 15,000 tons, reclaim through floor grizzly, and conveyor transfer at 500 tph. to a non- traveling, slewing ship loader. Berth face is 800 feet long dredged to a 4O-ft. minimum water depth at low tide.

2. Inbound heavy fuel oil: unloading by ships' pumps to two 90,000-gal., heated, storage tanks and tank-truck loading for the return trip to the mine.

3. Inbound lime pebbles: unloading by barge-mounted, pneumatic, conveyor system to two 300-ton silos and gravity loading into truck-mounted boxes for transportation to the concentrator.

A service building, 62 ft. by 38 ft., contained twin hot-water boilers and circulating pumps for tank heating and two diesel generators rated at 300 and 350 kw for utility power together with related auxiliary equipment and switch- gear, there being not enough B. C. Hydro power available. Fire protection was provided by well water on the site to a 12,000-gal. above-ground January, 1971.


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